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'Confession time: electronica isn't really my thing so it's not something that I have a great knowledge of. However, I have to say that this is so good that if I saw it reviewed in Mojo, I would probably buy it with no hesitation. With no knowledge of Rob Nichols work, the repeated mantra in the first song led me to believe that It would be a conventional album of electronic songs and it was only some way through the third or fourth tune that it occurred to me that the album is largely instrumental apart from odd samples or snatches of vocals (did I hear Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Holly Johnson sampled in Pleasure?). 

The album shows signs of great care having been lavished on it and there is great attention to detail. It behoves me to treat such a lovingly prepared artifact with appropriate deference. It is atmospheric and dreamlike in its sonic textures, slightly reminiscent of Vangelis or Kraftwork and the songs occasionally exhibit lengthy introductions with surprising changes of direction halfway through. The songs build slowly, are structurally interesting and create dreamy moods though I can imagine several of them receiving the dance remix treatment. They demonstrate considerable harmonic and melodic sophistication. The whole album sounds as if it were conceived as a suite of songs, one flowing into the next quite seamlessly. Many of the songs are lush and slightly contrapuntal with contrasting melodies playing off each other. It is melodic rather than rhythmic yet percussion is unobtrusive and subtle yet totally suited to the songs. 

If this is a first effort it shows great promise and I look forward to hearing any follow ups. I would imagine that a career in film soundtracks could beckon. This is recommended whole-heartedly as a superb piece of work. ' - Mark Gresty, 2020

Soundtrack made for Blaby Golf Centre

'How do I put it there? "Relaxing, other-wordly, fresh, creative, original, funky. Lay back, close your eyes, and be transported. Fantastic!" Thanks you so much' Martie x

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