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Looks Like Rain - review - by Wendy Mark

A veritable journey for the senses. Listening to the tracks of Rob G Nichols "Looks Like Rain" - eyes closed, headphones on, I was transported through an array of emotion and sensation...I felt the rain, emotions, the shiver, I joined the Trundle, feeling the climb in every limb....the titles could almost remain unwritten as th mood of the music speaks for itself. 

The use of surround and panning techniques (as you can tell I am no expert, purely a great music lover) enhanced "When Angels Cry" into truly immersive piece. The tenderness of " Anne Marie" is an unmistabley, beautiful, tender, wordless ballard to someone who i so obviously means the world.

I would highly recommend joining the journey.

Thank you so much Wendy ..A wonderful attribute. :-) x

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 07.56_edited.j
BBC Introducing - TrundleRob G Nichols/Lal Muttock
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m1nk = em one en kay

Seja records

What a combination... I bought the vinyl... Has not been off the turntable since it`s purchase... The Moods created 'Musically' are second to none in my opinion... Rob G Nichols